Why Self Storage

Why Should I Invest in Self Storage

Okay, I am a little biased.  Okay, at lot!  Self storage is a fantastic real estate class, and I honestly cannot believe how much it has changed in my 30+ year career.  From rows of tin sheds to multi-story climate controlled “megastores”, it has been quite a journey. There was a time when we had a hard time finding investors who understood the self storage business model.  Not today.  Some of the most successful publicly traded companies... R.E.I.T.s, private equity firms, successful owners of other types of real estate (multi-family, retail, industrial) as well as thousands of private investors are entering the self storage industry.  The high levels of R.O.I., along with a business that you can immerse yourself into, or be fully detached from, offer many benefits.  Some are looking at self storage as an investment for their family.  A legacy for their heirs for many generations to come and self storage is a great option. Many sophisticated well capitalized investors are seeking a low risk, high return, scalable investment.  There may be no better choice than self storage.