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How to Invest in Self Storage


How to Invest in Self Storage is an easy-to-read book filled with self storage information and advice that can be extremely valuable for anyone seriously considering the business of self storage. Looking at the industry from its earliest beginnings to the market today, it examines not only the reasons to get into the business, but also the common myths that surround the industry as a whole, as well as a step-by-step guide for developing and/or acquiring a facility.

How to Make Money in Self Storage


A key resource for self storage operators to make more money in the ownership of self storage.  As the industry becomes more competitive, operators need to focus on more than just collecting monthly rent from their customers in order to thrive. There are very few people that I would recommend to advise you on this subject, RK is one of them. The fact is, you can make more money in self-storage and this book is an excellent guide for you to do so." - Derek M. Naylor, President, Storage Marketing Solutions

How to Make MORE Money in Self Storage


If you read our first book, How To Make Money in Self Storage, you HAVE to buy How To Make MORE Money In Self Storage. With all new tips and strategies, How To Make MORE Money will help you increase revenues, decrease expenses and create more equity. A must read for owners, operators, managers and self-storage investors.